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Corporate Wellness - Methodology

Philosophy On Fitness

Youth strength and conditioning classes are now available at Haddins for children aged 10 - 16 years. 

Improve strength, mobility, speed, agility and general conditioning at the Haddins S&C classes. Great for general fitness or for improving your performance in your chosen sport. 

Session happen every weekday at 4:30pm.

Contact info@haddins.com to find our more about our youth programs today. 


Philosophy On Fitness

Corporate Wellness - Methodology

Philosophy On Fitness

Our underpinning goal is to help make exercise the fun part and way of life that it was meant to be and to do this, have developed  'The 5 MUSTS to Sustainable Exercise' that we base all of our programs on. 

1. MUST be planned - all sessions are planned, tracked and recorded. 

2. MUST be easily accessible - training times and programs to suit all schedules. 

3. MUST be time efficient - we ensure you train effectively every single session. 

4. MUST generate the desired results - we ensure you see the results you are after. 

5. MUST be fun - you will have a great time a Haddins, always wanting to come back for more.  


Corporate Wellness - Methodology

Corporate Wellness - Methodology

Corporate Wellness - Methodology

To implement engaging company wellness programs based on well researched health and fitness classes, workshops, challenges, and events which produce high levels of measurable client participation and satisfaction.  

Provision of services founded on high professional standards, consistency in delivery, and all infused with a strong element of guest sensitivity, fun, perceivable personal benefit and organisation wide inclusiveness. 

We work in partnership with management to ensure our services remain at all times in step with your companies established goals and expectations, while remaining in tune with changing industry philosophies and thinking. 

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Haddins, Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Haddins Gym - 050 104 7948

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Sunday - Thursday: 5am - 9:30pm

Friday: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Saturday: 2pm - 6pm

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