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Personal Trainers

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Do we need to tell you straight off that our Trainers are Internationally Certified? Does that reassure you or surprise you? It seems to us our competitors can’t wait to make this point as if it should ever be in any doubt! Well for us, yes its a must, but more importantly we feel, is that you know the quality of our Instructors as people too and that they have a genuine enthusiasts for the subject matter. If you want REAL Instruction delivered with a passion to see you achieve your fitness objectives then look no further than the Haddins team.
  • Michael Haddin

    Managing Director

    I believe I am one of the lucky ones! I am blessed to be one of those people who has been able to find a career that they truly love and was lucky enough to do this 15 years ago straight out of college. I do not claim to be the best fitness instructor and I openly admit that I am a less then average businessman, but I am very passionate about making a difference and am prepared to work extremely hard to make this happen. 

    My goal over the coming years is to create a legacy in the UAE fitness industry and make a positive change to the health and wellness of as many people as I possibly can. I want to be able to look back and say ‘I did that’ and be proud of what I have been able to achieve. 

    Having learnt from the mistakes of the past, I believe I have now been able to establish one of the UAE’s premier health and fitness companies in a very short period of time. Having coped better with the rapid growth this time around by surrounding myself with a stronger support crew, the success of Haddins is down to the fact that we do deliver on what we promise and will continue to do so!   

    I am a massive advocate for practicing what I preach. My approach to fitness is not extremist, but that of a realist. My philosophy for health is more about creating sustainable lifelong changes rather then the usual crash and bash approach used by many.

  • Fabio Sapateiro

    Personal Trainer

    I am passionate about Sport and Fitness. From very early on, since the age of 6 I started to play football going on to become a professional at age of 16. I was professional for 3 years.

    My relationship with fitness throughout was as a compliment to my specific football playing position, Goalkeeper.

    Later I wanted to deepen knowledge learnt from my coaches so I went  on to university to take a course in Physical Education and Sports.

    After completing my course, I started to work in a gym in Portugal, but for a short time after 4 months of work, I decided to go for something that has been going through my head, to work in a different country,.

    So in January 2015 I arrived in Abu Dhabi to start a new life, I already had 2 experiences in other gyms but I never felt like I'm feeling now, that I got to this home which is Haddins Fitness and it's a pleasure to be able to work and help change the lives of so many people every day.

    My objective as a professional is to get better at what I do every day. By trying to learn from every situation and updating my skills constantly, which enables me to give the best service possible.

    My mantra in life is “A life without exercise doesn't make sense, I don’t know how to live in any other way”.

  • Jessie Waters

    Personal Trainer

    My health and fitness journey really began around age 24 when I was stressed to the eye balls in a 9-5 job, I was seriously unhappy in my career and had a host of health issues all stemming from stress. 

    I have always been in to fitness and exercise and it was something I always turned to after a hard day at work for a way to escape and just feel good. 

    After becoming very interested in the nutrition side of things and really enjoying my active lifestyle, it all clicked for me. This was how I wanted to spend my days; learning, surrounding myself with like minded people and helping others along on their own wellness journey. 

    I am so incredibly passionate about this industry that I struggle to even call it a job, and to see peoples transformations not only with their bodies but also with the mind, makes what I do all the more worth it.

    Being apart of the Haddins team is really a dream come true for me and I am looking forward to my future here!



    I am also a Holistic Health Coach and my next new skill is to get my yoga teacher certificate. In the future I'd love to run wellness retreats travelling around the world where I can offer programmes for a total mind and body transformation. 

    To me, balance is key to living a healthy life.

  • Philip Mahon

    Personal Trainer

    Raised in Cork in Ireland I find myself far way from home here in Abu Dhabi pursuing my dream as a fitness instructor.

    I come from a strong sporting background playing both football and hurling at the highest standard in Ireland. I first became involved in boxing training at the age of 15 due to family connections with the Irish Amateur Boxing Association. Hence my love for competing stemed from a very early age.

    At the age of 28, having spent the past 9 years in the Irish Prison Service (yes I’ve spent 9 years in a Prison :-), I found myself wanting to pursue my love for the fitness industry overseas.. To say I feel both lucky and privileged to be given the opportunity to work for Haddins Fitness is an understatement. I have found myself working for real people, and a true fitness family, staff and clients alike.

    I very much look forward to bringing my passion, experience and know how to Haddins and helping others fulfil their fitness objectives.

  • Ashbey Williams

    My love for fitness pretty much started when I was a little kid playing sport from sunrise till sunset.

    I’m from Cape Town, South Africa and like most “Saffers" the rugby bug tends to bite us all and this is where my love for fitness started getting serious, finding myself on the fields and gym at the most odd hours and so it all started. 

    I now realised staying fit and being the best athlete I could ever be was something I’d want to do for the rest of my life and so thought why not make it a career.

    Being a fitness “go to” kind of person, I tended to help others even before I really knew what I was doing, even so found just as much fulfilment in helping others achieving there fitness goals as I felt after I had ticked off 1 of my boxes .

    All my various qualifications were gained in Dubai, so join ing Haddins has given me an opportunity I am so happy and honoured to have.  Working in an environment where all around are smiling faces ,unique people and cultures from all around the globe step through the doors everyday .

    BTW I have a serious addiction for tabasco!!!

  • Phil Smith

    Personal Trainer

    I was born in Middlesbrough, U.K (don't hold that against me), but raised in Saudi Arabia. Since there was very little to do in Saudi with their lack of cinemas, hops and the fact it was illegal for me to be in public with female friends; I had a choice between sport and well sport, guess what I chose? Ever since then I have been in love with fitness and I am lucky enough to have made it my profession.

    My aim is to help clients develop the confidence and knowledge which will enable them to gain an understanding of how, why and what they can do to live a healthier and longer life. 

    Exercise needs to be interesting and engaging for it to become a lifestyle. Repetition leads to boredom! Therefore, I use a variety of training techniques and equipment to stop your body and mind from getting bored. With the use of tractor tyres, sledgehammers, kettle bells and many more functional training aids your body will gain real life strength. 

    You may not like me while you're doing it, but your body and heart will love you for it.

  • Sam Bolger

    Personal Trainer

    My mum always said, “If you find a job you love you will never have to do a days work in your life”

    Very True!

    Back home in London, playing professional rugby is where my love for health and fitness stemmed from, alongside making sure I beat my brother in every activity we did! Being part of Haddins I’ve been able to share and bring my enthusiasm for fitness to everybody here.

    On a daily basis I get to train people from many different walks of life and such is the diversity in Abu Dhabi even the International Fiji sevens team, to up and coming World Cup cricket stars. All with different abilities and goals, all wanting me to make the difference.…that’s the buzz.

    I would say the most rewarding part of being a trainer is watching them suffer….ha!ha! this is not true I promise!

    Watching the people I train develop and achieve is a great feeling. It is amazing to see how progressing physically and feeling healthier will affect all other aspects of life. Exercise should be fun, challenging and have an end goal in mind. My aim is always to make the person I’m training leave the gym feeling better than they did walking in!

     I’ll sign of with one of my favourite mantras:

     “You do not have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” 

Why Personal Training?

Essentially at Haddins we believe the following:

Customised programming - Your trainer will discuss with you, your needs and goals. We will create a programme aid to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals. If you have any old injuries or issues, we can provided programmes which will help strengthen and avoid further damage.

Motivation - Many people start training with the best intentions but soon discover it is hard to motivate yourself. With our help coming to the gym will become a healthy habit and something that you will look forward to doing. By using personal training you will be making exercising part of your routine.

Technique - doing exercise with improper technique WILL lead to injury. If you are not sure how to correctly do a particular exercise you will end up doing more harm than good. With the help of a personal trainer you will learn correct lifting techniques as well as how to target different systems to achieve your goals quicker.

Cure Boredom - Working out can feel repetitive, which will lead to boredom, and no one likes doing something if it bores them. We can select exercises that you enjoy and configure a workout that will be enjoyable and effective.

Get Results - feel like you are working hard but not seeing the results? This can be due to a plateau. Your muscles have memory and adapted to deal with the same exercises, if you continue to repeat the same exercises over and over your muscles become used to the movement. If the exercise does not challenge you, it will not change you. As a personal trainer, we can view your current programme and eating habits to help discover where we need to change to lead to results.

Lack of Knowledge - Got the motivation, got the determination but lacking the knowledge of what and how to reach your goals. A Personal Trainer can teach you everything you need to know to create your own workouts and perform the techniques correctly.