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Who we are

The Haddins Affect 

The Haddins approach to fitness is a little bit different. We are not your typical gym whose major focus is on selling membership and marketing campaigns, we pride ourself on genuinely believing in what we do and constantly striving to make a difference. Every person that participates in a Haddins programme can expect the same thing; quality programming, to be continually educated, to be engaged and most importantly to have a great time doing it. 

Everyone of out bespoke workouts, be it individual or group based are expertly designed and programmed by the Haddins team under the watchful eye of founder Michael Haddin. The aim of these being to obtain maximum fitness impact in less time. Our whole body functional training sessions are executed by exceptional trainers who’ll supervise you step-by-step through 60 minutes of scientific full body fitness that works. A basic philosophy Haddins abides by is to help make exercise a sustainable part and way of everyday life and because of this all of our programmes must meet and abide by the 'the Haddins 5 MUSTS to sustainable exercise' criteria. 

1. Exercise MUST be fun. 
2. Exercise MUST generate the desired results. 
3. Exercise MUST be time efficient. 
4. Exercise MUST be convenient. 
5. Exercise MUST maximise muscle usage. 

If it does not meet this criteria, it is not at Haddins. 

Haddins Workouts 

With over 15 years in the fitness industry and having worked with professional athletes in numerous sports, it is at the Haddins training center where Michael's programmes really take shape and his true passion lies. The Haddins gym has been set up to allow every worthwhile workout option there is; no gimmicks, just genuine results orientated training that works and professional athletes having been using for decades, now delivered to you! 

Put simply, the workouts you’ll do with us are the best you can do. They’re intense but safe. They’re tough but fair and you’ll leave each session completely satisfied that you’ve had a great workout and achieved what we set out to achieve. We don't just go through the motions, we train you to succeed and are not happy unless you are. 

Our programmes take a lot of thought, are influenced by the best styles in the world and are always designed with the future in mind. We want to constantly challenge your body and encourage it to adapt to the training stimulus. Once adapted, we look for ways to challenge you again.  Our philosophy of 'Reach Maintain Exceed', is something that is very important to us. You will come to Haddins with goals that you have set out to achieve, we will ensure you Reach are Maintaining this minimum stands, quickly and efficiently. But we will still not be satisfied until you have been able to Exceed these goals and your own expectations of what you initially thought possible. 

Every time you turn up for a session you won’t know what to expect as every session is different, so getting bored is also never an issue with the Haddins way. 

This may all seem very intense, but don’t worry we’re not intense. We don’t shout, we don’t chastise and we don’t kill your enjoyment.Our workouts and the way in which they are delivered are all the intensity you’ll need. 

Our Programme 

The Haddins timetable is also very unique. It’s broken down into different styles of workouts so you can get the best total week of training imaginable. Classes are available everyday, for all levels and at times convenient to everyone. Being part of Team Haddins Membership gives you unlimited access to all these workouts and more. 

Our primary workouts are the daily WOD (Work Out of the Day) which is a periodised programme that focuses on a balanced week of full body strength and conditioning. Programmed on a monthly basis by Michael Haddin, these are our signature sessions and are many members priority each week. With a combination of Pure Strength, Strength Endurance, Mobility, Power, HIIT, Strongman, Running and Flexibility, these sessions aim to make you a well rounded athlete, with a 5 day a week training programme. 

Primal Fitness 
Bending, pulling, pushing, running, squatting, picking things up, carrying and jumping are all things the human body was designed to do and what our primal fitness programme is all about. A 4-week programme delivered daily Sunday through Thursday, a guaranteed way to kick start, or shake up your training regime and the comes with a money back incentive built in!

Group Fitness Programme 
Haddins other group class schedule are a great compliment to the WOD and Primal fitness style classes and are also based on the Haddins functional style of training and ethos that your body is the machine. From Boxing Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and Dance through to TRX Suspension Training, Running and Kettle bells we have something for all fitness levels and interests. 

In addition Haddins has expanded rapidly over the past year to help fulfil Abu Dhabi’s need for highly professional facilitators of community sporting programmes.  Already notable are successes in the provision of Adult and Youth Football Leagues, a Youth Sports Academy and Athletics programme together with Active Children’s Holiday Activities programmes.

Our Equipment

Our training centers are fitted out with the best equipment to make sure you get the best workouts.

Only the world’s best equipment will pass muster. The rules are it must be tough, it must allow you to follow natural whole-body movement patterns and it must encourage great results. You’ll notice our gyms have no large single plane weight machines. Many gyms still follow training philosophies from thirty years ago. The science has come a long way and we now know there are better ways to get fit and strong. A piece of equipment should challenge your whole body to work in synergy not in isolated muscle groups. 

The Haddins Team 

Ask any of our clients what they love most about us and they’ll talk about our trainers and our workouts. They love the fact that Haddins staff will know them by name as they walk through the door. They will share a joke with you, genuinely ask how your family is and talk to you about your weekend, not because they have been told to, but because that is the type of people we hire.

They empathise when needed and get cranky when that’s required, because they care. You’ll never be in doubt that you’re in top quality hands.

Don’t settle for average, when you can have the best fitness experience with Haddins.