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Who we really are.

Posted by Haddins Team 27th March 2014
You know them as the team at Haddins, but who are they? Each month one of the team will be open to your every question on this blogg. An insight into their very souls, where do they buy their smalls, what habits do they have, what is their favourite Bollywood movie? So much to know so little time to ask!Kicking us off is that son of Middlesborough, Phil Smith or in the words of Mike Haddin "I've employed a guy who for once is not a rock star" (yes right!!!). So if you'd like to know who cuts his hair or where he learnt about colour coordination fire away. 

What's new in Fitness.

Posted by Haddins Team 27th March 2014
For the serious ones amongst you this blog is all about you and your fitness obsession. Test our team with your every question about the industry, training methods, what's working for who and why. This is the "Haddins Test Lab" Blog. This is the place we want to incubate the new ideas and destroy the mythes.For openers Mike is going to share his thoughts on the latest "It phrase", or the question we get all too often, "Do you do Crossfit"?